Commercial craft division

special service craft

Jachtwerf Vennekens does not only have experience in building and maintaining pleasure craft,
but also so-called Special Service Craft.

Vessels such as high speed patrol craft, passenger vessels, crew tenders, etc…
have more in common with a yacht then one might initially think, but they do share allot of the same DNA.
After all, also for Classification Societies such as Lloyds Register, yachts fall under the category of SSC (special service craft)

Therefore Vennekens is the ideal partner
for new construction and maintenance 
of these type of vessels

New build

SEI: Professional diving vessel

Professional diving vessel equipped with sonar, diving compressor, etc…
Build for the famous Belgian deepsea underwater photographer and author Jos Hollenfeltz and his team.

NV De Scheepsvaart: Ferry Uikhoven

Ferry from Belgium to Holland in Uikhoven, a waterway with allot of tide and current.
Streamlined hull shape for better fuel consumption and better directional stability as supposed to most ferry that have a box shaped hull. features a 3meter, 2part hydraulic foldable ramp designed and engineered in house. 

BRABO Boatsmen: Port of Antwerp Mooring boats

Design and construction of mooring vessels for the Port of antwerp BRABO boatsmen. 
Unsinkable and very sturdy construction.
Roundbilge hullform 

Refit and maintenance

Boatservice Van Den Berg: Fleet Maintenance

With Boatservice Van Den Berg we have a long partnership for the maintenance of their fleet.
Technical updates, propulsion and technical installations, updates to improve the comfort of the passengers and crew, repainting, classification of the vessels,….  

SPN Belgain Maritime Police: Fleet Maintenance

Jachtwerf Vennekens, together with the staff of the federal police technical workshop from Ukkel,
has been responsible for the maintenance of the SPN fleet under management of the maritime police.